As far as traveling goes, many of you get no further than the local mall or off to work in the morning. These are uncomfortable times because no matter how long you have been wearing those stylish cloth masks – and they are not bad; they fit rather nicely and are at least comfortable – you are still left feeling rather uncomfortable. It is an eerie feeling and sight. But mouths blabber the moment people spot others.

These are the peculiar ones with devil may care attitudes about life and, of course, who cares about wearing facemasks. You would think that they are rather comfortable with that; putting their lives and, for that matter, the lives of others at risk. But never you mind them for now. Sit in a bit closer and let’s try and get as comfy as possible. You could start with the clothes you wear every day. Why not try out the patagonia clothing range then.

No promotional materials here, just good old fashioned common sense advice, and it could be coming from masked sales clerks working out at sporting goods stores like Beaver Sports. It is not high fashion but it certainly does have the ability to make any one person feel really good about him or herself. It does not matter what shape, size or weight or height you really are. It is time for you to loosen up a little more. Get that high feeling, that sense of being out there in the great outdoors.

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Time to be fearless. Fear no wolves or rattlesnakes. Although this is neither the time nor the place to take up the devil may care attitude to life. Tread lightly in rather comfortable light (hearted) boots. But do not forget the socks to match with them.